watch videos and answering questions

Part 1: Aquifers

First, watch this video:

Then, read through this resource:

And this one:

  • What is an aquifer?
  • What is a confined versus unconfined aquifer?
  • How do aquifers get recharged?
  • What does it mean to use water from an aquifer unsustainably?
  • What might contaminate aquifers?
  • What is an artesian well?

Part 2: Watersheds

First, watch this video:

This one is helpful too:

  • What is a watershed?
  • What defines the boundaries of a watershed (If you look at the following resource, I’m asking what creates a drainage divide between watersheds)
  • Where else does water go if it doesn’t flow into the larger body of water? Look at the resource above.
  • Where does all water eventually flow? (The second video helps.)