a 5 pages report related to management information systems

This report is based on the EPRsim game,and there is an introduction to EPRsim. I upload the game introduction to explain what the game is and I gave the EPRSM data outcome of the game. I will upload the Visualization/Dashboard instructions for SAP Cloud&Excel if you need while you writing the report, but because the limit of the upload please contact me later about that.

The report introduction and Report Template_guidance are uploaded.

For this report, you are expected to explain and analyze your business processes and performance during the latest ERP simulation game you played as much as you can. I understand that these are retrospective questions and many events have passed since then. Therefore, the analysis of the game data might guide you on some of the answers for this report.The page limit for the report is 5 pages, that is, try to be succinct and clear with your answers. In addition to your experience, you may use external sources like the ERPsim HEC book or the web site (Fiori launchapd if the system was not refreshed) to create your deliverables.

1. Business Strategy – strategic decision points throughout the process (2 points)

1.1 What was the initial business strategy, and why did your team choose that strategy? (1 point)

1.2 How did the strategy evolve during the process of the game? How did the ERP system contribute to the change? (1 point)

2. Decision making (3 points)

2.1 How did the operational reports in the ERP SAP system aid in decision making for your team? (1 points)

2.2 If your company achieved competitive advantage through the use of operational and informational reports, explain how. If it didn’t, explain why not. In retrospect, how could your company have used this information more effectively? (1 points)

2.3 Did you use the visualization tool provided by the system during the game? If yes, how did this visualization help your team make better decisions? If not, why? (1 point)

3. Business Diagnosis by using Data visualization (10 points)

Note: You are free to use any data visualization software application for this question (e.g., SAP cloud Analytics – similar to SAP Lumira; Excel with pivot tables; Tableau). For those who want to use Excel, a clear guidance on how to build pivot tables and dashboard for the game can be found in the ERPsim HEC book (e.g., Chapter 7C, and excel exercise files for module 5B and 5C).

** The data for this analysis can be extracted directly from OData service directly as done with the dashboard assignment (if your ERPsim system was not reset afterwards) OR you can use the Excel game data already extracted from the system and posted in Brightspace. Each visualization should show evidence and support your points.

3.1 Graphically show how your performance measures evolved during the game (e.g., net income, net sales, profit margin, … by round and day). You can include the performance of other teams (all teams, best, or worst) in your graphs to compare your performance measures against other teams and comment on how successful your chosen strategy was. (2 point)

3.2 Please identify and briefly analyze at least one business issue, in that your performance would be better if this(ese) issue(s) was(were) addressed early (2 points)

3.3 Build two additional meaningful visualizations other than performance measures (e.g., pricing, inventory level, cost level, …) that could visually support your above analyses of the issues. Please explain your rationale for the visualizations and draw connections to the issues you identified. (2 points)

3.4 Based on your analyses and visualizations, please tell what you would have done differently to improve the performance of your team. (2 points)

3.5 Build a dashboard with at least two performance indicators that could have helped you to make better decision if you were going to play the game again. (2 points)

**Please note, you would explain what had happened when answering question 3.1 ~ 3.4. When any problem in your business was identified, you would like to explain the causes and support yourself with your visualizations. This is like a practice of “AS-IS” BPMN diagram, presenting the facts. When you answer question 4.5, you are expected to think how you can improve your business given all the observations you developed from 3.1~3.4. This is like a practice of “TO-BE” BPMN diagram.This is a general diagnosis process, in which you attempt to identify problems, analyze causes, and then provide prescriptions, basing on evidence.