complete assignment 4a 4f

Hello! I need to complete this series of assignments (4a-4f) as required by the professor. These assignments have no word limit except 4D. You only need to complete each item as required by the professor. Please note the following points. First, in assignment 4B, the professor asked each point to be summed up in one sentence, the simpler the better. Second, in assignment 4C, it is important for the professor to require the format of the assignment! Please follow the format. Finally, for assignment 4D, the professor requires more than 1000 words and lists the material you quoted at the end of the article. I have sent all the reading materials and homework requirements to the document, you just need to complete as required. I’ll send you the main reading material. Of course you can quote other material appropriately, but you need to mark it out. The most important thing is not to copy. Fortunately, you, to thank 🙏