term paper 168

Myths, Innovation Research, and Creative Analysis

Summarize strengths and weaknesses of “Myths of innovation” in terms of case studies presented in the text and the description of organizational factors supporting innovation

Present your case study research on a specific innovation from the 1800’s, including:

oA description of the problem statement/contributing factors that led to the innovation

oThe innovators, champions, economics, and technology development involved in the innovation value chain

oThe key hurdles faced in successfully commercializing the innovation

Discuss three myths that are relevant to the historical analysis of this innovation


Topic: Historical Innovation as Context for

Text Assessment, Case Study Research, and Factor Analysis



1.Summarize your analysis of strengths/weaknesses of “Myths of Innovation”, utilizing examples of the text’s case studies•Description of problem statement the innovator was addressing•Summary chronology of steps in developing this innovation3.Discuss 3 myths from textbook relevant to your selected 1800’s innovation, and it being an example/counter-example of these myths


Each Factor Comprises 25% of Grade

•Level of Credibility – persuasiveness of research and analysis in substantiating your findings & conclusions

•Level of Creativity – in terms of innovation selection, research approach, and mapping to Myths
•Level of Clarity – extent that it can be easily understood in terms of reasoning and conclusions

•Level of Compliance with assignment requirements

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