research paper on racism

Topic; Racism

It should be 6 page paper, double spaced, using APA format.It should be about social imagination- taking an individual or personal problem, and explaining how it is connected to wider social forces. Three scholarly, peer reviewed sources in your essay.It should be from university of winnipeg library.

It should be clear, arguable and coherent thesis statement, which includes an argument and an outline for the rest of the paper. APA citation, syntax, sentence structure and grammar.

It should include annotated bibliography; Create a proper bibliography using the american Psychological Association (6th Ed). Under each entry you must summarize the central argument of the source and give an evaluation using following questions as a guide:

<What is the authors main argument or point?

<How does the author(s) try to persuade the reader of his/her argument?

<How does this relate to my chosen topic?

:Final writing reflection

It should be of 750-1000 word reflection it should be short summary of how you built your argument (e.g. using a concept map, creating an outline, using some type of writing software, and so on) and how you managed to get to your final argument. Use following question as guidelines:

1.How many versions of my thesis statement were there, before I decided on the final

version? How did it change each time?

2.When and how did I decide on the “final” version of the thesis statement?

3.Which aspects did I find easier/ harder? Why?

4.How did I feel about the paper as I was writing it, or after writing it? Why?