question anwser paper

In the attached Word Document are four questions regarding topics covered in Chapters 6 & 7. You must give a complete answer for all three questions. Consider the facts carefully, including what is given and what can be presumed from the facts. Do not assume facts not presented. Then apply the relevant legal rules to the questions asked. In applying legal rules, you must first identity and define all terms referenced.

Citations to page numbers are required for paraphrased and quoted material. Legal rules are not original to the writer. A simple, Cross/Miller at page ___, is a satisfactory reference—you do not need a works cited if you are relying on the course textbook. If you did not buy the book and do outside research, which I do not recommend, then you must follow MLA and use both in-text citations and a works cited.

Failure to provide in-text citations will result in a zero.