analyze the poem quot dover beach quot by matthew arnold 1

Since so many students have been having trouble with MLA documentation, I’m going to make this a mini-research paper. The word requirement will still be 750-1,000 words, but I’d like you to locate at least one critical or scholarly source that’s relevant to your discussion, paraphrase or quote it in your paper, use a correct MLA in-text citation, and a correct Works Cited entry.

Pick a specific poem to analyze,(the poem is already picked, “Dover Beach” poem by Matthew Arnold).

the link for the poem is:

Focus on ONE, NOT ALL of the following of the following: it’s diction (# 10, its imagery (# 11), its figurative language ( # 12), or its ironic dimensions (# 13). The questions for the following are attached in the picture below.

We discussed irony in relationship to War is Kind and the Rocking Horse Winner, I’ve given you assignments on diction and imagery, and an assignment on figurative language is coming up. These assignments should give a background that will allow you to analyze the poem with reference to one of those aspects