freudian slips of politicians

Political Freudian Slips (Links to an external site.)Political Freudian Slips

This clip provides several examples of Freudian slips and allows students to think about the reasons behind these slips. The video moves quickly, so you may have to watch it more than once.

  1. What is a Freudian explanation for slips of the tongue and the important of psychic determinism for interpreting such slips.
  2. Think about each slip and think about what each slip reveals about the speaker from a Freudian perspective. There are 10.
  3. How likely are the Freudian interpretations true?
  4. Are there other, more likely explanations for some of the slips?
  5. Finally, discuss the utility and applicability of psychic determinism as an explanation for all behavior or thoughts.

This is a formal 2 page paper, be sure to use APA format and incorporate chapter 10 in your answers.