3 paragraphs on data collecting for surveys

Most of you have taken an online survey before, but you may not have created one of your own. That’s what you’re going to do for this discussion. First, you’ll want to re-read the section from your textbook on creating effective surveys and survey questions (pg. 448-450). Then check out this article on a few different free survey softwares available online: “11 Free Online Survey Tools Compared.”

Select one of these free survey tools, and create a survey related to your research topic. Consider the advice from Chapter 18 on creating survey questions and connecting them to the purpose of your project. Make sure you have a clear purpose for your survey, brainstorm some questions, and select 5 to include on your survey. Be sure your questions are unbiased, clear, and easy to understand. Use questions that solicit short, specific answers.

Once you’ve created your survey, write a cover letter that you would use to distribute the survey either on social media or by email. This letter should explain the purpose of the survey, give readers a deadline by which to respond, and include a link to your survey. Share this letter here (copy and paste) as your DB post.

Once you’ve submitted your cover letter, check out the posts of at least 2 other students, and follow the link to complete their surveys. After completing each survey, provide feedback on the cover letter, the connections between the questions and the stated purpose of the survey, and the clarity and quality of the questions themselves.