hy1120 american history create an outline for research paper on audie leon murphy

Create an outline in preparation for research paper on public figure “Audie Leon Murphy” (preferably one page outline).

Must touch on the following:

1. Introduce how the figure impacted his service/country (even if not a positive one).

2. Identify how this figure is viewed on the national and/or world stage.

3. Discuss how this figure may have influenced challenges and/or opportunities for the United States as a global power (i.e. international impact)

4. Provide a perspective on if this figure’s impact would have been seen as progressive.

5. Focus on communicating the figure’s relevance in today’s modern era.

6. Discuss “why and how is the figure important today?”

7. Highlight how society remembers him now (this is not meant to be a biography).

At the beginning of the outline, include a 2-3 sentence introduction that lets the reader know your chosen topic.

At the end of the outline, include at least 2 sources listed in APA format (must be scholarly/academic in nature & reputable)

Template Reference: https://columbiasouthern.adobeconnect.com/_a117488…