find an advertisement claiming that a certain product works better faster or longer this can be any type of media advertisement you will then describe an experimental study that you would use to test that claim

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  1. What is the claim being made in the advertisement?
  2. Describe the study you would use to test this claim.
  3. What is your independent variable?
  4. Describe the levels of your independent variable?
  5. Is your independent variable manipulated between-subjects or within-subjects?
  6. What is your dependent variable?
  7. How is your dependent variable operationalized/measured?
  8. Read the fine print of the advertisement or do a quick google search. Does it explain anything about how the product was studied in order to make the claim in the advertisement?
    • Yes: describe the study that was done and determine whether it is valid for the advertisers to make the claim they are making from that study
    • No: explain why someone shouldn’t trust the claim being made by the advertiser
  9. Include a picture of the ad or provide a reference for it.

The advertisement that I am going to use is Charmain Ultra Strong. The label on the toilet paper says that it cleans better and is 3x stronger. This is the claim that would be used. Answer the questions and number them.

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