5 question assignment

In our pheromone unit, we read a research article and then dissected it to understand research design. We’re going to do the same again for BPA.

Read the following research article on fish exposed to BPA. (Note: New Scientist is a British publication. They spell “estrogen” as “oestrogen”)


  1. What was the main research question in the article?
  2. What procedures did the researchers use to collect data? What type of data was collected to answer the research question (in other words, what was measured)?
  3. What did the researchers determine was the answer to the research question and what evidence supports the answer to the research question
  4. What additional information, if any, would you need to know about the procedures or data collected to determine if the research study was reliable? Why? If you feel you need no additional information, explain why you feel the research is or is not reliable.
  5. What are the implications of this research? In other words, if this research is valid and was used, what could happen next?