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This collaborative project will allow you to practice using a theory text as a lens to examine a primary text. You will use our reading from Michael Warner’s “What’s Wrong with Normal?” to analyze either an image (not an ad), a song, a print ad (single image), or a complete short video (a short film or a commercial- nothing longer than 10 minutes). As a group, decide on a specific primary text to use.

Lensing requires two distinct discussions. You will have to think about what Warner would say about the primary text, how we can use his ideas to understand the text on a deeper level. You will also have to think about how you can use the primary text to think about Warner. It may be quite easy to identify areas of Warner’s work that you agree with, disagree with, find outdated, feel are even more important now, or see as incomplete in some way. Your primary text will enable you to engage with and respond to these ideas in depth and detail.

You may notice that your primary text:

Offers a perspective Warner does not

Provides a solution to a problem Warner identifies

Complicates something Warner says

Falls in line with some of his ideas and offers an alternate strategy to others

Contradicts something he says, or

Reframes or recontextualizes his idea in a new way.

Note that each of the above directions begins with a verb. You will need to decide what verb or verbs to use here. What does your primary text let you do with Warner’s ideas?

In your presentation, your group will need to provide some background on the text you are analyzing, present a coherent thesis that addresses the two main tasks of the assignment, and analyze specific evidence from your primary text and from the Warner reading. As with the last presentation, you will need to print out your slides before the presentation and submit a reflection afterwards. If you are not comfortable talking in front of the class, work with your partners to find another way to make a meaningful contribution to the group effort.

the project need show like 8-10 min. so expand the content and make the Powerpoint presentation more fully