strategic management 257

BASED on PART1 and Part2 (attached ) answer the section1

Section 1

1.Evaluate the performance of the main activity of your selected company (performance of principal product/service). What type(s) of criteria do you use to evaluate this performance? (2 marks)

2.What type(s) of control of employees and production processes is/are used by your selected company? (1.5 mark)

3.How does the corporation manage the environmental risks? (2 marks)

4.Evaluate the competitive advantage of the corporation on its market. Suggest some recommendations for the managers of your selected company to improve this competitive advantage. (2.5 marks)

Section 2 = Discussion Questions. Not related on section1

Questions(7 Marks)

Discuss the following questions:

1.Is the evaluation and control process appropriate for a corporation that emphasizes creativity? Are control and creativity compatible? Explain. – Max 300 words (3 Marks)

2.How can corporate culture be changed? Give examples. Max 250 words(2 Marks)

3.How is the cellular/modular structure different from the network structure? Give at least three differences. – Max 200 words(2 Marks)