three assignments 7

1. Write a letter to Edward Abbey that explains why one of his arguments in “The Damnation of a Canyon” is unconvincing. Your letter should be about four paragraphs long, and each paragraph needs to do a different job.

2. Write an argumentative essay that responds to “Lifeboat Ethics” by Garrett Hardin. The point of the essay is to refute a counterclaim and offer your own claim as an alternative. In this case, the counterclaim is Hardin’s main argument.

3. Create a visual or audio presentation about the argument in “The School Days of an Indian Girl” and present it to classmates online. Then respond to your classmates’ work, describing which aspects of Zitkala- a’s account are captured in their presentations and which are not. Finally, review your classmates’ responses to your own work and revise it to convey the message in a different way.