write an essay following the instructions and topics below

Based on the readings from Carroll and Bergstrom and additional sources if necessary, write a short essay where you develop these topics:

  • Darwin had two fundamental insights about the process of evolution: 1) natural selection, 2) common ancestry of all living things. Describe these two fundamental contributions that Darwin made to the study of evolution. In your opinion, which of these two contributions was more important and why?
  • Darwin was influenced by the work of many researchers who came before him. These are a few of them and some of the concepts they established and/or popularized:
    – Robert Chambersàprinciple of progressive development
    – Georges Cuvieràcomparative anatomy; extinction- Jean-Baptiste Lamarckàinheritance of acquired characteristics – Carl Linnaeusàbinomial classification system
    – Charles Lyellàuniformitarianism
    – Thomas Malthusàpopulation checks- William Paleyàfit of organism to environment
    Choose three (3) of the people from the list above and describe specifically how each of them fueled Darwin’s thinking — i.e. How did the works of these three people contribute to Darwin’s conceptualization of his “two fundamental insights”? In your opinion, which of these three people had the most influence on Darwin and why?Essay Requirements

o Youressaymustbeatleast400wordslong(yourheading,title,andcitationswillnotcount toward the 400-word minimum).

o Format your essay using the most recent MLA general guidelines described hereàhttps://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/24…

o You must use formal, professional language that meets a collegiate standard of writing. If you are not confident in your writing abilities, it is strongly recommended that you take advantage of the free tutoring offered at the SDSU Writing Center (https://writingcenter.sdsu.edu/appointment.html).


For full credit, you will need to do more than simply copy directly out of the text. You must appropriately cite ideas that are not your own. Directly quoting your textbook is highly discouraged for full credit. Rephrase ideas in your own words. If you must directly copy one or more sentences, use quotation marks and cite the source.
You should also cite the textbook and other sources once at the end of an extended explanation, even if you have rephrased the text in your own words. For example, if three or more sentences in a row provide a simple textbook summary, and you have not added any new ideas of your own, you should cite the textbook at the end of that section.

1. Your essay should be submitted electronically through TurnItIn on your activity section Blackboard site. 2. Also bring a hard copy to next week’s activity section.

For full credit, the hard copy and the upload to TurnItIn must both be turned in by the beginning of next week’s activity section.