follow instructions please 1

Write a APA results section for the results in the pdf file below.

In the text provide the Means and SD for the gender and caffeine main effects.

Report the ANOVA results for main effect of gender and caffeine and the interaction of gender and caffeine.

Make a figure (line graph) for the interaction of caffeine and gender.

Report the post hoc Tukeys results for the significant main effect of caffeine.

Report the ANOVA results for caffeine for women only. Report the posthoc Tukeys results for this.

Factorial Results2X3.pdf( I WILL ATTCH THIS)


Writing a Results Section

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to write a results section. The results section will outline your main hypothesis, and the outcomes of your experiment.

You need to remind us of your main hypothesis first, and then show us your overall pattern of results (e.g., present your means and standard deviations). You then need to tell us what statistical test you conducted, and what the results mean. Be sure to include your statistical outcomes such as F-values, degrees of freedom, and p-values.

The general flow of things should be you report your descriptive statistics first (e.g., means and standard deviations) and then you report your inferential statistics second (e.g., your ANOVAs and post hoc).

When you putting results into a figure, you DO NOT report the means or standard deviations in the text. The rule is that the means and standard deviations either appear in a figure, appear in a table, or appear in the text. But, they can only appear once.

APA Figure

Goal: Submit an APA formatted figure.

Be sure that your figure:

  • is black and white or grayscale. It should NOT contain fancy colors.
  • has clearly labeled axes (both X and Y).
  • is scaled appropriately
  • has a legend
  • has a caption

Check the posted video for assistance in how to create a figure (“Creating a Figure in APA Format in Excel”).