paper topics will be student s choice choose a topic you are interested in topics must be about florida history with a chronology that falls between prehistory to 1820

Choose a topic you are interested in. Topics must be about Florida history with a chronology that falls between prehistory to 1820. The later the topic, the more sources will be available. Make your topic your own. You’re not reinventing the wheel – just putting your stamp on the topic. Papers should be argumentative and driven/supported by the sources. Historical biographies/events focusing on an individual and a specific event that has helped shape Florida history is a fantastic methodology for your papers (but not mandatory). Research Paper will be no more than 8 pages in length, cover page, double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12-font, footnotes, (7+ sources including a primary source) and bibliography. All papers should follow Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). The first part of this assignment is to create an “Annotated bibliography.” Annotated bibliography will be student’s choice. Sources should cover a topic you are looking to write about in your final research paper. Very briefly explain why this source supports your argument. Avoid cutting and pasting material already existing on the Internet. Avoid Wikipedia, except as an initial search engine. Become the authority on a lesser-known event that “should” be included formally by Wikipedia (if possible). Be sure to use one of the databases that we go over in class (particularly RICHES, UF Library on Floridiana, or Vanderbilt History) to help build content into your page. Concentrate on academic books and articles.