journalism an untold story

Untold story instruction

A person, place, event, or idea that somehow changed your life, how and why, 3-5 pages double-spaced.

Write me a great true story that leaves no key questions unanswered has at least one or more of the following elements:
1) overcoming conflict and adversity;
2) humor;
3) mystery or surprise
4) a journey
5) a story the reader can relate to or challenges him or her;
6) news people can use – can be read out loud to other people

3-5 pages typewritten, double-spaced, (roughly between 700-1,000 words) with a headline between 3 and 4 words.

Imagine the writer to be an international student from China who is born in an entrepreneurial family and want to become a business analyst/entrepreneur in the future.

Note: Don’t start with a quote. Don’t end with a summary. Write funny!