Big Data Research Paper

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* The paper needs to fulfill all the criteria mentioned below, be free from grammar/spelling errors and must have proper MLA citations!*

You should summarize your research in a 2,000 word essay (1950-2050 words accepted, not including headers and footers) in which you describe:

1) What is Big Data and what are its salient characteristics?

2) How is Big Data different from data structured in a relational database?

3) What are the potential benefits of Big Data in a business setting?

4) What are the main criticisms of Big Data in a business setting?

5) What are some real-world examples of Big Data use in a business setting?

6) How can Big Data be used by accountants?

You should use standard US letter paper in portrait layout, printing on one side only.

All four margins should be set at 1 inch.

The title of your summary or essay should be in 20-point Arial bold font, and centered at the top of the first page.

Main headings should be in 14-point Arial bold font, left justified.

Sub-headings (if you use them) should be in 12-point Arial italic bold font, left justified.

Format paragraph spacing for headings and subheadings to 12 point Before.

Text should be in 12-point Times Roman font, and line-spacing should be set at 1.5 times.

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