BIO 340 Excelsior College Protecting Biodiversity in Protected Areas Discussion

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What is your view? What do you think is the most effective approach for protecting biodiversity in protected areas in your opinion?

What do you think? You are a mindful conservation biologist and with the aim of saving biodiversity as your primary goal, do you think that protected areas should completely exclude humans from living in and off these areas in any way? Or should people, especially native, indigenous populations be allowed to live on these protected areas and sustain their way of living while perhaps also becoming involved in the management of these protected areas? initial post should be about 300 words presenting your point of view with support from sources of your choice apa with references

Pages 7–19 in “Protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation II: Management and Effectiveness” the different types of governance for protected areas (governmental, co-managed, community conserved, and private), and the discussion on parks and people, will give you a good start for this discussion. Also, consider reading and viewing the suggested optional materials for more points of view and guidance into the right direction for this discussion.

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