BIO 375 Loras College Black-Footed Ferret Questions

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BIO 375

Conservation Biology

Endangered Species Report: BLACK FOOTED FERRET

Your task for this assignment is to do some background research on an endangered or extinct species of your choice, plant or animal and write a 4-5 page report on your findings. Your report should include the following information:

Name of the species and its geographic range (historical and present).

Estimated population size and population trends (if known).

Information about its ecology and behavior.

Year it was listed as endangered (or extinct).

Primary factors leading to decline or extinction (this should be the main focus of the report).

Conservation efforts undertaken to conserve, manage, and/or recover the species.

You may begin your search on Google/Google Scholar but you will want to consult the library’s database of primary sources (articles from scientific journals) and cite those sources in your paper.

Some links to get started:

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