Book Of Mormon musical theatrical critique

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For your play critique, you will watch a play and evaluate up to three of the following: Design (focus on one element of design), Directing, and Acting. Be clear about the perspective from which you are reviewing this play. Remember, the Critical Perspectives are

  • Social Significance
  • Human Significance
  • Artistic Quality
  • Theatrical Expression
  • Entertainment Value

Writing the Critique:

Your will write the theatrical critique after you watch the full play.

Here is a general outline for your critique:

  • Identify the play, producing theatre, date, directors, and playwright of the performance you saw. (1 paragraph)
  • Give a brief thematic summary of the performance, including concrete evidence of your claim. (1 paragraph)
  • Identify elements of the performance that support your thesis. Describe these elements with detail and precision.
    • This is where you tell us what elements you plan to discuss: the acting, lighting design, set design, directing, sound design, choreography, etc.
  • Interpret, analyze, and evaluate the elements you identified.
    • Your goal here is to spend equal time evaluating each of the three elements you’ve decided to discuss. If you spend 5 paragraphs discussing the acting and 1 paragraph discussing the lighting design, you will not earn full credit for this assignment.
  • Summarize your discussion and draw a conclusion about the play based on the evidence you have presented. (1-2 paragraphs)

Technical Details:

Word Count: 1,200 words

Source Citations: MLA “Works Cited” page referencing the video of the play you watch

Font: Times New Roman, 12 point

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