Brand Marketing Brand Audit Project

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  • Section II – BRAND EXPLORATORY (15%):Uncovers brand knowledge structures for the core brand as well as its competitors.Provide detailed information as to how consumers perceive the brand; awareness, favorability & uniqueness of associations.Uncover the knowledge structures for the core brand as well as its competitors
    • Brand Associations: what consumers think of the brand and its corresponding product category; create a Mental Map for your brand (example p. 151 of text; handout example)
    • Brand positioning analysis: create positioning statement & positioning map relative to competition (see pages 6 & 7 of this guide).
    • What are the overall consumer perceptions vs. competition?
    • Brand mantra – does one exist? If not able to be found (usually the case) what would you recommend (see text & week 3 class handout).Typically, a mantra is not a company slogan.


      • Discuss your team’s ideas & recommended strategy to reinforce or revitalize the brand into the future; what is your rationale; why will your idea(s) enhance the future equity of the brand
      • What possible relationships may be formed among the firm’s products to create or capture opportunities realized in the SWOT analysis?
      • Will you need to make any adjustments to the brand’s portfolio?
      • How will your recommendations enhance consumer awareness and image associations of the brand?
      • Are your recommendations consistent with your brand’s mantra?

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