Building Collaboration and Trust on a Team

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Your success in collaborating with other professionals may be dependent on many variables, but none as important as the ability of the people involved to trust one another and to develop a collaborative solution. The readings in this unit address the behaviors that support and prevent the building of trust and collaboration among team members.

For this discussion, recall a time when you served on a team in which team members succeeded in building the kind of trust that supported their collaborative efforts. For your initial post in this discussion, tell the story of this successful experience:

  • Describe, in the first paragraph of your post, the situation. For example, explain the team’s purpose, the roles and backgrounds of people who served on it, and the length of time they worked together.
  • Summarize, briefly, the end result of the work that the team did together, including both the nature of the work and your evaluation of how well the purpose was achieved.
  • Recall one incident that helped make the team effective. Describe that incident, and why you think it had that result.
  • Summarize what you see as the ways in which trust came into play in that team experience.

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