Case Project 11 1 VPN Filtering Rules

Case Project 11-1: VPN Filtering Rules.

You work for a network consulting firm. Your client wants to implement a VPN system that supports PPTP, SSTP, and L2TP-based VPNs. The system will be used primarily for remote client access. You need to prepare a report for the client that explains the implication of providing this functionality in terms of firewall configuration. Your report must address the protocols and ports that need to be considered as the firewall policy is created. Prepare a one-to-to page report that addresses these issues.

Student solutions will vary depending on your designs. Students can use any remote access method or combination of remote access schemes. Students must demonstrate understanding of the principles of remote access connections and technologies and show that they have planned their designs carefully with the intention of satisfying the task’s requirements.
Student solutions must include an accurate and effective network diagram that shows the physical and logical topology of their network designs with the remote access solution they chose. Students diagrams must be technically correct and incorporate sound networking and security principles.
About the access controls in the requirements list: To demonstrate true understanding of remote access and network design/management, students must state that access to resources is managed through user accounts, file and folder permissions, and so forth. Students remote access solutions need address only how remote users connect to their regular user accounts on the corporate LAN, the type of authentication used, security measures, encryption and tunneling, and so on.