creating a code in C

Using a working version of Chrono.h and Chrono.cpp from HW4-PR2 ( I HAVE PROVIDED A ZIP FILE WHICH HAS THESE TWO .h and .cpp FILES IN IT. PLEASE USE THESE) write a program meeting at least the following minimum requirements:

oCreates a user-defined type called Appointment which includes a Date object, a Time object and a string object for holding a person’s name.

o Creates an empty vector of type Appointments called DateBook, and then prompts the user to add Appointments (at least 3 for testing) to the DateBook.

o After adding Appointments to DateBook prompts the user to enter a name for a file to store the DateBook into, and then writes all the Appointments in the Datebook to that file

o Examine the file produced (using a text editor) to visually confirm that it contains the expected data. NOTE!! Be sure to include this file in your ZIP turn-in and also make sure that in your testing doc you specifically note the name of the file and the contents entered into the DateBook (that were written into this file).

o Prompt the user to enter the name of the file created above and then read the contents of the file (i.e. Appointment objects) one Appointment object at a time into the existing Datebook vector (which will append the Appointments from the file to the existing Appointments in the vector). As each Appointment is read in display (on a newline) its contents (Date, Time, Name) as part of the message “Adding Appointment with



-Please include comments so that I can understand the program!

– Please just copy the pdf file into a word file and fill the part with test cases for the program.