Sports Written Assignment Using the Speedway Motorsports income statement from the textbook as a model

Using the Speedway Motorsports income statement from the textbook as a model, alter the figures to show what you believe would be the income statement for a minor league baseball or hockey team. Note you are creating a new income statement. After that, then discuss the numbers you used and why you selected them. *Format, this should be formatted the same as the textbook. Discussion portion should be within paragraphs.

  • Examine the Speedway Motorsports cash flow statement from the textbook. Identify and discuss each sections line item on the cash flow statement. Why does it show up on the cash flow statement? Why is it organized where it is? *Format: paragraphs…..Breakdown each sections line items of the cash flow statement and discuss it.
  • Write in detailed a few paragraphs connecting the elements of the cash flow statement to the income and balance sheets. Use the three statements for Speedway Motorsports located in the textbook as models for discussion.
  • Examine the financial ratios in this chapter, and choose three. Name each ratio, define its purpose, and describe each of the elements that make up the ratio. Next, identify how these ratios could be used by a sport business in its business operations and financial management practices. Be specific in relating the ratios to a sport business. For all three ratios, when relating them to a sport business, use numbers to give mathematical examples of what the ratios demonstrate.
  • (I have provided the statements in the following attachments)