Information Technology for Managers 2e George Reynolds CENGAGE Learning 2ed 2016 ISBN 978 1 305

On pages 154 – 155 answer Questions #1 and #2 under Action Needed.

The above mentioned Title is the name of the book.

Here are the questions in case you don’t have a text book.

1) Your small company (20 employees) has never had a disaster recovery plan but is now considering entering into a DRaas contract with a major IT firm. You are surprised when you hear a member of the disaster recovery planning group mention that once the contract is signed, the company’s worries are over. How do you reply?

2) You are a senior manager for your firm and are responsible for leading the IT governance subcommittee. You just received a text message from a young IT project manager whom you met last week. “We are at an off-site meeting with IBM, and following a review of its new service called the IBM Data Governance Maturity Model Assessment, we will be signing a contract for this service. We’d like your input. Please Call me on my cell phone as soon as possible to discuss”. You were not aware of any effort in this area. How do you respond?

Needs to be done in APA Format and by the end of this week.