divide and conqure algorithm

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Q1)The algorithm for merging two sorted lists or arrays can be modified to perform the union operation on two sets. Given two sorted arrays A and B representing two sets of integers, modify this algorithm so that it will produce as output the union of the two sets. Q2) Given a non-signed decimal integer M, we would like to convert it into binary. For example, the decimal number “13” is equivalent to the binary number 1101. Generating the digits of the binary number can be done by a repeated division of the form: M = q * 2 + r where the remainder “r” is the next bit in the binary number and M will be replaced by q before repeating this division operation to generate the next new digit. For example, to generate the bits for the decimal number 13, we perform: 13 = 6 * 2 + 1 6 = 3 * 2 + 0 3 = 1 * 2 + 1 1 = 0 * 2 + 1 Design an algorithm by induction to generate (and print) the binary digits of a given non-signed decimal number M.

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