Math Final Projec

The Final Project allows you to express what you have learned about math creatively! Throughout the course, we will cover numerous mathematical concepts.

You will select a topic in the course and discuss a potential application for this concept in your chosen profession. Do not be afraid to “think outside the box” when discussing an application in your profession. This also could be an example of how the concept learned is fundamental to understanding a more complex concept. More information about the final project will be introduced in later units.


  • Choose either Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint in which to create your project. This course does not teach PowerPoint, so if you choose this format, do so only because you are already comfortable with it or know someone who can help you learn to use it.


  • Create 5 slides or pages.


  • On slides or pages 1 and 2, provide your name, the project title, and the course and section number, and introduce your chosen profession and give a brief overview of the concept you will apply to the profession.


  • On slides or pages 3 and 4, describe how the concept can apply to you chosen profession. You will not need to “do the math”; simply describe how you would use it and provide examples of situations in which you would use the concept you have chosen. On slide or page 5, provide any resources you have used to give credit to others’ ideas and information.


  • Check spelling and grammar and visit the Writing Center if needed.


  • Submit your final project to the Unit 9 dropbox for grading. You will have an opportunity to share with your classmates at the Math Fair in Unit 10.