California State University How Submarine Canyons Develop Discussion

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You must do your own work include your own words not a books and your own drawings. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE! If you want to do any or all by hand and image it with your phone and send it along that will be fine. If you can scan it or do the work in a word program that is good too.
1. Describe, explain, define and illustrate the components related to deep ocean landforms. Remember, for those features covered in the last section of the class, each must have 1 sentence with an ocean detail and 3 other sentences for full credit. Please also explain and draw where and how submarine canyons form and develop, use the proper terms.

2. Draw and describe four different types of dunes. Show wind direction(s), shape, and slip faces for each type. Also, give 2 different characteristics for each dune which can include where and how they form. For (3) points extra credits points explain in detail the factors related to the angle of repose.

3. Draw and describe, four (4) different drainage pattern types. Include the rock or soil description if applicable, and a detailed description for each and where they might be found.

4. Discuss, describe and illustrate how tides work. Define how the tides work and then illustrate and describe in detail the two basic types of tides discussed in class and their two configurations

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