Can any one help with theses 2 discussions.

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Hello, can you please do these 2 discussions separately for me ?

Discussion 10:

To receive credit for this post, please write up a 250-word-ish response to the following prompt by Friday, March 23rd.

As many have noted, performance and installation art are merely specialized versions of more general cultural phenomena. I addressed a few of these in class (like Disney World rides or Kanye West concerts), but I think the genius of installation particularly is that you can apply its logic to *any* environment which has an aesthetic effect. That is to say, the logic of installation as an enfolding aestheticized space can be applied to areas outside the museum, places that move you, that make you feel a particular way. Likewise, we can think of performance as something we do every day (mostly in a mundane way). Like a performance artist, our behavior in everyday life is a performance, a performance of ourselves. Obviously we tend to de-emphasize the weirder aspects of this (people don’t generally scream or sing or even run in public).

For this post I’d like you to reflect on either a space that you get an aesthetic effect from (I like the 589 expressway at night when there’s no traffic: the uniform lights, the smooth freeway pavement, and the speed turn the quotidian act of driving into something more like a nightclub) or to describe a way that you perform outside of quotidian or normal ways of behaving (a habit I have is that I whistle in public or sometimes shuffle my feet in a dance-like way to move around people and things).

This is a weird discussion, I suppose… so get weird!

Discussion 11:

To receive credit for this discussion, please post a 250-word-ish response to the following prompt by Friday, March 23rd.

Next week we get rolling on our unit concerning film and moving image media. I’m really enthusiastic about film of all stripes (classic Hollywood, silent, experimental, kung fu movies, Italian arthouse, sub-Saharan African cinema of the 1960s and 70s, you name it), but I’m always curious to know what films you all feel passionately about.

The key to close reading a film is to focus intently on specific stylistic choices made during filmmaking. These can range from shot framing, camera movement, editing, music, sound, gestures of actors, lighting, costuming, etc. I’d like you to pick a scene from a film that moves you and then attempt, using the stylistic areas above, to account for what in the sound or image triggers that intense viewer response.

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