Can you perform basic Excel functions, Can you produce a memorandum to a manager addressing specified issues?

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This is an individual task. This assignment is for students to be able to gain access to and perform some basic functions using the Excel software. In addition, it requires students to produce an memorandum (2 pages maximum, using MS Word) to the manager addressing the specified issues. Excel reports should accompany this memorandum in an appendix.


15% of the mark will be based on the Excel work and report.

Objective and Rational

Given the importance that risk management plays in the life of most businesses today, you are required to prepare an excel report directed to management on your findings.

The main reason for this group assignment is to test your ability to develop a high quality, analysis report, and how well you work and communicate as part of a team. You are also expected to demonstrate the appropriate skills in using the Excel software to produce the correct outputs to meet the assignment objectives.


1. Use the Data set provided

a. Create Excel Analysis

b. Create Views of the data

c. Create Charts

2. Report your findings

Your manager has approached you with a dataset from 2014 to 2017. She has asked you to complete an analysis of the data and to prepare a report based on your findings. She has asked you to prepare some analysis based on how she views the business.

Prepare each the Excel analysis and the Reporting requirements shown below: Please see attached files for full document.

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