Cardiovascular status

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Topic: Will Exercise Improve Cardiovascular Status and Reduce Deaths in Black Males Ages 18 through 35



a. What issue or concern triggered the need for this objective?

b. What is the scope of this issue/concern in the community?

Review of the literature

a. What is the current state of knowledge about this issue/concern; what is already known about this issue/concern?

b. What are some strengths and weaknesses of previous programs/activities addressing this issue/concern?

c. The review of the literature must include at least 5 scholarly journal articles


a. Who is the target group? What is the rationale for selecting this group?

b. What age/gender/cultural variables impact the presentation of information?


Use the table at the bottom of this page and incorporate/insert it into the body of your paper.

a. At least two objectives stated in clear and measurable terms (e.g. at the conclusion of this program/activity, the audience/participants should….”

b. Content to be covered in the project


a. How will the program/activity be publicized? Who will assist in such marketing?

Plan for evaluation of the activity/program : The following table must be included in the body of your paper.

Learning Objective

(What do you want them to learn?)

Content Outline

(What information are you going to cover?)

Strategies and materials

(How are you going to teach this?)


(How will you know they learned?)

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