Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban – Cultural Relativism

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No sources needed. Opinion based. Extremely short responses is all that is required.

  1. What prompted Fluehr-Lobban to pass moral judgment on the societies she was studying?
  2. How does she justify herself as an anthropologist who is sensitive to the feelings of the people she was judging?
  3. How, in the opinion of Fluehr-Lobban, is “cultural relativism” being misused by some anthropologists?
  4. What is the downside of taking a more active role in getting reform? Imagine that you are an anthropologist and that the native hosts you are studying refuse you access to the population being studied. Does Fluehr-Lobban recommend soft-pedalling the activism?

Post your thoughts and comments to all the above questions after reading the article by Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban.

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