Case Study Paper

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Students will be assigned a case study and will respond to questions (see below) relevant to the case. Questions will be provided by the Instructor. Students will utilize course materials and other relevant materials to support their work. Three legitimate resources must be utilized and cited throughout the paper. APA format is required.


Provide an introduction to your paper

The body of your paper should include thorough responses to the questions provided below. Three legitimate references should be incorporated throughout the paper and cited in APA format.

Provide a conclusion to your paper.

Provide a cover page and a reference sheet


The length necessary to completely address all the questions. The average for this paper is approximately 5 to 7 pages.


1) Identify where you would start with the client (do not say you would start where the client is). Identify what social work skills you would need to employ, and what roles you would utilize in this case.

2) Describe the client’s journey from country of origin to the US using appropriate terminology (i.e., migrant, immigrant, undocumented person, etc).

3) Describe the acculturation process of the client.

4) Create a systems diagram to show the intersecting systems impacting the client (educational system, legal system, social services system, etc).

5) What are the intersecting identities of this client?

6) What issues of cultural humility arise? For example, religion, language barrier, beliefs about help seeking, etc.

7) Your conclusion/reflection

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