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Purpose:To understand an author’s main idea and purpose for work/To recognize the main points that support that main idea/To be able to summarize author’s main ideas/To be able to respond or react to what the author has to say (to support or defend your point of view).Description:Write a Summary/Response of one of the articles provided […]

Professional Profiles Summary guidelines Reviewing

Put Your Best Profile Forward A social media profile stands in your place to anyone who reads it. Profiles can serve any purposes; some help you catch up with friends and share information with your family. Others, however, represent you to a network of professionals, and this could hurt or hinder your career path. Today […]

write a measurement and evaluation paper, psychology homework help

 write  a  measurement  and  evaluation  paper  relative  to  a  current  issue  in  education  and  psychology . the assignment  includes writing  10 – 12  page  paper  on  current  issue  topic in educational  and psychology  measurement .      the paper  should include the following:  1-  history  of your topic  2-  measurement  issue   3- relation to current […]

How is Edward’s relationship with Sarah Ruth the ultimate catalyst for his maturity?

MLA Format. Note the margins (1” on all sides), the font and font size (Times New Roman, 12 point), the spacing (double), and the headings. All essays must follow this format. Page-length Requirement: 4-6 pages Thesis Interesting and specific thesis that argues a point about the literary work Does my essay clearly communicate the point […]

Watch the video Lecture 16 and Write one full page response.

Please note that this assignment is TWO PARTS. The First part is due 24 hours from now. The second part will be after submitting the first part to my school website and see my classmate writing, then will make a direct response to at least 2 different students’ initial posts 24 hours from submitting the […]

Final Exam consists of the design and preparation of a Policy Brief (PB) on a local, research paper

The Final Exam consists of the design and preparation of a Policy Brief (PB) on a local, national or global issue that students have selected. Students are advised to build on the Mid-Term Research Paper. Students are required to submit a minimum of ten (10) pages with references/sources (only two references can be cited from […]

Long Nineteenth Century, history homework help

I need 2 different written essays. As usual: one for me and one for my friend. Thanks Make sure your response is typed in a word processor, double-spaced, Times New Roman font size 12, and at least 900 words. (Plagiarism means a zero). Make sure to include specific information (such as dates, names, etc.). Historians […]

STR581 – Final Strategic Plan

Resource: Final Strategic Plan Grading Guide Create the Final Strategic Plan. The Final Strategic Plan contains the elements of all the previous weeks’ components and incorporates instructor feedback. The strategic recommendations will be evaluated and the best options chosen for recommendation. The final strategic plan should contain: Table of Contents Executive Summary (350 to 700 […]

Considering the automotive market, look at a new technology that is going to begin widespread delivery, writing assignment help

Notes and requests: – All sources must be cited. But if the source is the textbook, class discussion, or your own work experience, feel free to cite them that way, e.g. “(textbook)”, “(class discussion)”, or “(work experience)”. No need to go find a specific article or page number from the text. – Grammar, punctuation, and spelling count for 20% […]

looking for a paper on Romanticism in literature

COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT ENGLISH 1302 RESEARCH PAPER GUIDELINES The research paper is a major component of the English 1302, Composition II. In this course, instructors are required to teach students the research process. Some aspects of this process may be subject to individual instructors’ requirements. However, to ensure that all English 1302 courses contain common core […]