Central Washington University Cybersecurity Framework Discussion

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I don’t know how to handle this Science question and need guidance.

You have explained why the company needs to employ a cybersecurity
framework based on NIST and families of control that are described in
the NIST SP 800-53. I agree with you that the company is lacking in
internal controls and what kind of controls can be used to reduce or
mitigate the mentioned risk? This assignment was for you to recommend IT
security controls and you recommended implementing NIST but I would
have added more details. For example, to prevent such incidents and
using NIST families of controls, AU (Audit and Accountability) and CP
(Contingency Planning) should be used to deter such deficiencies. In
more detail, audit management software can be used to leave records of
events that occurred. This will deter criminal activities by using
company IT assets. Also, I want to point out that using a proper
business memorandum format to address the recommendation per
assignment’s description.

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