Close Reading Analysis: Letter to a Writer

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I have uploaded the essay prompts and the three readings.

“You will write an open letter, minimum 1,000 words, to
one of our three authors—Lucy Grealy, Elwood Reid, or Bernard Cooper—praising
or critiquing (or a bit of both!) his or her use of creative nonfiction.
The author is your direct audience, but you are also
writing with your class peers and me, Joe, in mind as an indirect or implied audience.
Show the essay’s author that you have a strong understanding of his or her piece
(this is depth, this is showing your
direct audience that you know his or her writing well), but also show us that
you understand this piece within the broader context of our class (demonstrate
the breadth of your understanding
about creative nonfiction as we have encountered it so far). Reference other
authors, reference our craft readings, reference our class notes and
discussions. Ultimately, you are asking yourself how effectively this author
uses the tools of creative nonfiction to make a story from a situation. (You
are not offering an opinion on which
situation(s) you like better, or which essay is most similar to your life…)

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