Collaborative Conflict

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Please read the discussion very well and answer all the bullets and references please and I have attached the senario needed

The collaboration dimensions of the multidisciplinary approach help you understand how conflict can enable team members to build trust and center the discussion on synthesizing and analyzing ideas. The absence of conflict during collaboration, in fact, could be an indication that team members may lack commitment. When multidisciplinary team members do not commit to a decision, they do not buy into the solutions and may just follow the group. Collaboration and conflict enables multidisciplinary team members to commit to the solution. It is important to have a multidisciplinary team that trusts one another and is willing to listen to a discussion from different points of view. As a multidisciplinary team member, it will be important to be comfortable with your own vulnerabilities and understanding of your role as a multidisciplinary team member. Multidisciplinary team members who are real and human, who know their faults and strengths, are much more likely to trust and follow through with what is asked. To be a positive member of a multidisciplinary team, you need to become comfortable with your role during conflict situations.

What is the role of a multidisciplinary team member to collaborate when a conflict surfaces on the team? Think about what you observed in Riverbend City: Collaboration Skills Mission. For this discussion, identify one conflict and then address each of the following:

  • Define the conflict. Who are the parties involved and what are their differences?
  • When the conflict first surfaced in this mission, how did you perceive the problem? Do you still apprise the problem in the same way?
  • Who in this scenario is in the best position to resolve this conflict? Why?
  • What is the value to the group in having this conflict surface?
  • Explain how you would recommend that this conflict be addressed, including your reasoning for the recommendation.

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