Community Safety and Social Policy

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How can fire and rescue service resources be used to reduce harm to the community it serves?

Produce a Report on how Community Safety and Social Policy cooperative with partnership to reduce this risk.

A starting point would be to consider the comments made by Sir Ken Knight referenced below which is could be generic to any nation’s fire and rescue service.

Q1) you need to consider the Road traffic collisions on this report and the reasons of accident happening on depth with more evidence with statistics, the points need to focus below:

– Use phone

– Over speed

– Seat belt

– Drinking and drugs.

Example: The police will list a strict rules of punishment, The fire services will educate people and awareness at schools or use a booklet/bruchores of awareness, etc.

Q2) Prepare a SWOT analysis on this matter.

Also you need to Focus on the following:

– More evidence with reference consider the comments made by Sir Ken Knight referenced.

– Referencing from at least 10 sources using at least one form of media.

– How to educate children at school or people by fire team or with partnership.

– Financial effect, health effect, fatality and home effect.

– Grammar need check.

– Provide pictures on how to keep people stopping use phone, speed, seat belt, drinking and drugs or reducing.

* Total Word Count = 1500 words.

* References using Harvard Style.

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