Compare and Contrast two forum post based on criteria

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I need the following two forum post compared and contrasted based on the following:

1.      Discuss among the group your responses to 1 – 4.

a)      Were there any similarities in roles, choices or alternate choices? If so, what were they?

b)      Discuss with the group your feelings about making the choices you made.

c)      Discuss with the group your feelings about having made those choices.

2.      Discuss among the group what you feel would could have made the experience you had in that role better.

3.      Discuss among the group what benefits could be derived from being better able to understand the roles individuals you interact with as a consumer may be assuming.

Forum #1

1.      I would say my three roles as a consumer would be a friend, a son, and a student.  The role with the biggest impact on changing the choices I have made as a consumer would be a student.

2.      As a student, I have made choices based on my future.  Buying books and spending time working on my advanced degree have changed who I am as a consumer.  I feel more forced to purchase items than purchasing something for a parent or friend.

3.      Depending on the situation, I have felt differently about myself with the choices I have made as a student.  While buying books for courses can be stressful, it is also rewarding to complete a course and feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with getting a step closer to my degree.

4.      If I were not a student, the choices I have made as a consumer would different.  Not only would I not be spending extra time bettering myself with a higher level of education, I would not be concerned with purchases related to education.  If I were in the friend role, my decisions would be much different because I would not only be wondering what I wanted, but what I would want to do for my friends and the choices I make would be based towards them and not myself.  In my role as a son, my choices would be similar to my role as a friend, but as a son, I have a sense of approval from my parents that the choices I made would be acceptable in their eyes.

Forum #2

1.      The three roles I have assumed as a consumer are the roles of a spouse, a friend and a parent. There are several choices that have been made because of these roles. The role of a spouse has had the biggest impact on the choices I have made as consumer as it has also affected the choices I have made as a parent.

2.      As a spouse, I have had to be very health conscious when it comes to buying food. My significant other is very cautious of her weight and as a result, I have had to cut down on my consumption of fast foods. Among the consumer choices I have had to make is sticking to buying organic foods that are considered as being healthy. The choices I have made as a friend are to an extent influenced by peer pressure. Some of my friends have gotten better jobs and have upgraded their lifestyles in terms of clothing and the places they eat. In order to fit into the fold I have also had to adjust elements such as my clothing. I have changed my shopping locations to the high-end stores where my friends shop so that I remain acceptable. As a parent, some of the choices I have made have been based on sacrifice. I have wanted a new car for a very long time. However, my son has a college education to worry about in the future. Thus, I have had to shelf my ambitions for a new car just so I can save some money for him.

3.      Some of the choices I have made have had an impact on me in terms of my feelings and perceptions towards myself. When I changed my food buying habits for the sake of my spouse, I hated it initially. However, over time I have come to appreciate the health benefits that come with sticking to a healthy diet. I now feel a lot better about myself as a result. Changing where I buy clothes in order to fit into my circle of friends really takes a toll on my finances. However, I really like my friends and I do not want them to think different of me. I feel a bit disappointed that I have to change some aspects of my life in order to remain acceptable to them. Opting not to buy a car in lieu of my son’s college education is a sacrifice I am very comfortable living with. I know that a college education will exponentially increase his employability and possibly help him secure a good job. Thus, I am happy with this sacrifice.

4.      Had I not been married I would still be eating fast foods. I would be making massive savings since the price difference between fast foods and organic foods is astronomical. However, these savings would have been redundant, as I would have had to make up for them eventually in medical fees. Had I not assumed the role of a friend, my dressing would not have changed. I would not be as fashionable as I am, but I would be making some savings in terms of expenditure on clothes. Had I not assumed the role of a parent, I would be driving a new car right now possibly the 2017 release of the Range Rover. It would have depreciated in value eventually but at least I could brag of having owned it in its prime.

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