Comparision of argument on gerrymandering (Essay)

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This essay is for the section 2 of my integrated research essay, which is the comparison of argument. I have managed to make a draft of the topic, but my draft didn’t meet the requirement. I’ll upload my draft; you just have to write an essay which incorporated the draft, and also meet the requirement. You may need my login database for CQ researcher, and library sorurces. I’ll attached my login info

Essay Requirements:

Section 2- comparison of Arguments

 Question to answer: What are the points of agreement/disagreement between the two sides? Which side offers better evidence to support its position?

– Comparison: Examination of two things to note similarities and differences

– Argument: the process of reasoning, series of reasons presented in support of a position

– 4 to 5 content pages

– MLA 8 formatting

– Required Sources:

 CQ Researcher

 Newspaper Source

 All Library Resources Search

Review of IRE Requirements

– Body of paper, should be well supported (aim for a good 6 to 8 sentences per paragraph, with at least 2 in-text Citations)

– Explore sides and analyzes major arguments of each

– Minimum of three sources (must include required sources types)

– Incorporate new sources into works cited page

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