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Comparison Essay

Two relatively dis-similar subjects and show how the one that is apparently weaker or worse is actually as good or better than “superior” one. You’ll argue that ex: Used Toyota is better actually preferable to a brand new Mercedes. An outline for that argument would look like this:

Los Angeles is better than Kansas city

I. Size

II. Diversity

III. Leisure variety

The next step is a plan a direct counterattack( rebuttal) of those points.

Example: Kansas City is better than Los Angeles

I. Size

II. Very diverse for size

III. Close to big city activities


The worse is better than a good.

The essay must be 3-4 pages and with sources.

The topics choose one of these :

Live in the Arctic is better than USA


Live in North Korea is better than USA


Flint city is better than Los Angeles.


Live in Detroit is better than Los Angeles

Foucs in the thesis and

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