Complete Case Study Short Discussion for Paychology Rehab Assessment Course

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Sylvia is a 36-year-old Hispanic female that struggles with a bipolar disorder but still wants to explore her horizons and work. She comes from an unstable family that had no consistency in the workforce. Sylvia is the mother of one daughter and currently single after two divorces. Sylvia did receive her GED, after dropping out of school at the tender age of 15 due to the birth of her daughter. Currently, Sylvia works at a nursing home as an aide, but she expressed the job is stressful, and she does not like it.


What aptitude measures would you like to consider, and how would you prepare the consumer for this type of assessment? ACHIEVEMENT ASSESSMENT

Power, W. Paul, (2013). A Guide to vocational Assessment. 5th edition. Austin, TX: Pro-Ed.

AT LEAST 250 words


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