Complete Diversity Awareness Discussion exercise

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We have a fun activity for you this week!

We want to work on our active listening skills. We also want you to discover more about how others think of diversity. Here are your tasks:

I. Choose two people who are not in this class and are not close relatives to interview. Start by telling the other person about our class and that you would like to ask them four general questions about diversity. After you ask each question, pay attention to their answers but also be hyper-aware of your listening skills.

This is a confidential interview so please do not identify the people you interview with their real names.

Ask the following questions:

a. How do you define diversity?

b. Diversity may take many different forms. Please give me some examples of diversity in your own words.

c. What is the most challenging situation dealing with diversity that you have faced at school, work, or other setting and how did you handle it? Did you feel that the interaction was successful? If not, what happened?

d. What ideas do you have to make the workplace, campus, or society more accepting of diversity?

Not only should you be making notes about their answers, but be hyper-aware of your listening skills…

active listening

II. Active listening is one of the most powerful skills that can be used to connect with another human being. It is a technique that allows us to really be present for another person that extends far beyond “normal,” everyday conversations.

1. During your interview, take note of your active listening skills, such as eye contact, body language, silence, and verbal minimal encouragers.

2. Concentrate on following the speaker’s train of thought and see how many of the active listening skills mentioned in the readings you used during the conversation.

3. Respond to the following questions:

a. Were there some active listening skills that you demonstrated more than others?

b. Which skills do you need to practice?

c. What was hard and/or rewarding about this experience?

–Be sure and use in-text citations and references when you mention information from the course readings.

–Read the thread and respond to at least one classmate

Note: This forum is worth 20 points and should be of significant length to cover all elements. You will need to draw from the readings and possibly some outside sources. Even though you will be posting your results in a forum, these need to be cited and referenced in correct APA format. Go to Purdue OWL for great examples of how to cite in every situation.

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