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Read the scenario below and blog the answers to the questions at the end of the scenario.

Tell a friend about a cheating husband or keep quiet?

Chris’s best friend, Constance, who has difficulty developing and maintaining good relationships finally met “mister right”. Constance told Chris about her relationship several weeks ago and had almost nightly conversations about the blossoming relationship. During a conversation with Constance about a week ago, Chris realized “mister right” may be Karl, a married friend.

Chris met Karl and Natasha a few years ago, shortly after they were married. Over the past few years, Chris suspected Karl was taking advantage of Natasha by occasionally having affairs. Since Chris and Natasha are close friends, they often talk and during one of the conversations about two weeks ago, Natasha told Chris about a rumor that Karl was having an affair. Natasha asked if Chris heard the rumor and if there was anything to it because Chris knows many of the same people as Karl and Natasha. Natasha also told Chris she would be devastated if the rumors were true but she would try to work with her husband to save the marriage.

Consider the ethical positions of each person in the scenario.

  • What should each person do or say and to whom? Why?
  • What do you think would actually happen? Why?
  • What beliefs or values are influencing your comments?

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