Complete Psych Assessment Course Case Study NO PLAGIARISM

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Case Study: Anna

Synopses of Interview

Anna is 31 Year- old Jewish woman, who graduated who college with a degree in foreign language and later earned certification as a teacher as a foreign teacher. Shortly after marriage, she obtained a job at a high school as a teacher, subsequently, her husband was killed in anautomobile accident. A year after her husband’s death she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The devastation of these events caused an onset of symptoms of anxiety that prompted her to leave her teaching job to find another profession. She is seeking vocational counseling and feels confident with her doctor’s careful treatment regimen she can pursue another career/job opportunity.

After reading this case study, I believe that Anna is capable to take a paper-and pencil test, but I will not recommend it. During the first session, the counselor should get to know Anna a little bit more about her family history, education, more about her disabilities etc. Whenever Anna do an assessment, the counselor will have to follow up on the accommodations on her anxiety if she has any already. They will also need to find out what also triggers her anxiety. Once the counselor find the answers then they can accommodate her the best way they can.

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