compliance program implementation and ethical decision making

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Prepare a workplace brief (4-6 SINGLE SPACED pages) to address a privacy breach that occurred in a health care organization. Include the consequences of failure to act and evidence-based recommendations for addressing the breach.


his current article describes causes of breaches and proposes categorical solutions to addressing them:

This website provides an explanation of the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule 45 CFR 164.400-414 and the mandatory actions required by the federal government:

This website covers the basic concepts of health care privacy and security relating to HIPAA:

This resource identifies the roles, tasks, and ethical responsibilities of health care leaders in the protection of confidential personal health information:

This article provides a compelling rationale for developing full awareness of requirements and consequences relating to HIPAA privacy breaches. For example: Lack of prompt reporting and correction carry mandatory minimum fines of $50,000 to $1.5 million per violation:

You will want to bookmark this site. The author proposes a six-step model for ethical decision-making in health care:

This article identifies proactive steps to address confidentiality breaches:

This article explains how to avoid confidentiality breaches:

Visit this website to see a variety of case examples relating to HIPAA violations and the actions the organizations took to correct the privacy breach:

This website contains history and details about HIPAA rules, including privacy, security, and breach notification. It also provides current results of HIPAA complaints enforcement efforts, and shows the current percent resolution of these cases:

The following website contains actual HIPAA case examples by covered entity category and types of issues. Case examples are presented of hospitals, providers, health plans, outpatient facilities, pharmacies and private practices. Case examples are also presented by access, authorizations, business associates, compliance with privacy rule, confidential communications, disclosures to avert serious threats, impermissible uses, safeguards, et cetera:

This website provides current examples of cases, corrective actions, and resolution agreements:

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